Caretakers are warm, caring, and people oriented. We can count on you to bring encouragement to teammates, and to be considerate of the feelings and well-being of others.


As a Caretaker, you put people first and often come to their aid to listen and help. However, others can sometimes see you as drawn to drama, a little naïve, and sentimental. You might ignore policies if it doesn’t align with what you think is right for others.


But there is always room for growth in your leadership development! We never graduate from the school of self-awareness.


  • Service is your strength, but watch how much you give yourself to everything and everyone. Leave some room for your needs too!
  • Understand that not everything is personal. It may feel that way, but, it’s not always the case.
  • Learn how to bring expectation as successfully as you bring encouragement.
  • Suit up and bring your body armor to work with leaders who aren’t your style.
  • Deadlines affect others! Being late because you were serving others is still being late and undermines your influence.
  • Drama is distracting and it often finds you because of your caring nature for others. Everyone else’s issues don’t always have to be yours. Don’t let drama distract you from what really matters. There is a limit to your precious time, care, and energy.